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From strategy to influence, VP Strat offers a targeted approach to political and institutional communications. Our expertise is based on our understanding of political and socio-economic issues and our ability to relay and defend your interests (public opinion, circles, elected representatives…).

Our team of experts identifies institutional targets and develops language elements to ensure that your message is understood and relayed in a consistent and positive way.

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Strategic Analysis

Identify political or institutional levers of influence and key stakeholders to develop customized strategies.

Elements of language

Creation and deployment of tailored messages across traditional and digital channels to effectively reach your audience.

Training and Media training

Customized programs for leaders and their teams, focusing on persuasive communication techniques and political engagement, with a special emphasis on Press and Social Media

Crisis communication and information for elected representatives

Preparation and rapid intervention to protect and enhance your image in sensitive situations. The agency is rated as “leading” in crisis communications.

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Political communication and influence: 9 questions to ask yourself!

What is political and influential communication?

Influential and political communication aims to promote specific ideas or interests to decision-makers, voters and public opinion. This requires the development of communication strategies targeted to specific objectives. VP Strat offers high-level expertise in the support of influential and political communications.

Why is it important to hire an agency specializing in political and influencer communications?

A specialized agency provides expertise in communications strategy, lobbying and campaign management to help clients achieve their political and social objectives. VP Strat’s corporate communications agency has the networks and experience needed to effectively navigate the complex political landscape.

What services does a political communications agency like VP Strat offer?

VP Strat offers a wide range of services in political and influential communications. Our offer includes communications strategy development, political campaign management, decision-maker lobbying, engaged content creation, media relations, online reputation management, and public opinion analysis.

How does a political communications and influence agency measure success?

Success is measured by the impact of campaigns on public opinion, the visibility of political messages in the media, influence on legislative or decision-making processes, and the achievement of specific customer objectives.

How important is social media in political communication and influence?

Social media play a crucial role in enabling direct and instant communication with the electorate, amplifying political messages, and mobilizing support. They also offer analytics tools to measure campaign engagement and their impact.

How to remain ethical in political and influential communications?

As a corporate communications agency with over 18 years of experience, VP Strat is committed to high ethical standards of transparency, truthfulness and integrity in all our campaigns. We fight misinformation and work to promote honest, constructive debates.

Is it possible to monitor and analyze competition as part of a political influence strategy?

Yes, part of influencer strategy can include analyzing the campaigns to understand their messages, tactics and target audience. This helps you adjust your own strategies to be more effective.

What role do media monitoring and opinion analysis play in political communication?

Media monitoring and opinion analysis are essential for understanding public opinion trends, identifying sensitive topics, and adjusting messages and strategies in real time to maximize impact. At VP Strat, we have significant experience in press and social media monitoring.

How do I start working with a political communications agency?

The process typically begins with an initial consultation to discuss objectives, challenges and opportunities. Next, the agency offers a personalized strategy based on an in-depth analysis of the customer’s situation and objectives.

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