Complex situations
& Crisis communications


VP Strat has developed an highly reactive and operational communication approach to anticipate risks, protect companies or communicate during M&A operations.

The team, led by Véronique Penin, is recognized "Leading"
in the rankings

Restructuring & Insolvency
M&A communications
Internal & Social communications
Press Relations & media training
Institutional & political communications
Digital Monitoring & (e)reputation

Crisis communication during complex situations is key to help the company to:

  • Maintain or gain trust

  • Master its communication

    through the right messages

  • Be a tactical leverage

    for negotiations

  • Rebuild the vision

    for the company and guide the top management

Whether it is in anticipation or in reaction to an event

Crisis communication requires 4 major principles:


to avoid the spreading of rumors and master what is said about the company


to channel the different emitting sources


to master the messages


for strategical matters

Our "crisis communication" team is composed of ten experts, former heads of communication, journalists, political, and digital specialists.

"VP Strat team masters the financial and industry aspects, and has an extensive knowledge of the insolvency & M&A business environment."

"Extreme responsiveness and adaption capability to the crisis particularities. VP Strat can also help to build strategic communication plans in the long run"

Véronique and her team know how to create a trusting bond with the press and share the right messages at the right time. Genuinely partnering with its clients, the team is responsive, available and understands perfectly what is at stake."

"Véronique and her team know how to create a trusting bond with the press and share the right messages at the right time. Genuine partner to the companies, the team is responsive, available and understand perfectly the stakes for their clients."

"Véronique is gifted with a real investigation sense and is punchy from the start"

"VP Strat is not a show-off agency: they don't sell influence or name dropping as we can sometimes see in their profession"

Media training

Pour accompagner les prises de parole et maitriser son discours tant sur le fond que la forme, l’agence a développé un module de media training sur-mesure