Corporate strategy

VP Strat brings innovative thinking to brand creation, repositioning or M&A communications.

Recognized for its understanding of corporate issues, the agency enables its clients to stand-out while supporting the development of their business.


VP Strat conducts an audit and a feedback session to identify improvement areas for the brand.


VP Strat co-constructs the new positioning by organizing and leading workshops with its clients.


Resulting from a collaborative effort, a new brand positioning is presented through didactic deliverables to allow everyone to take ownership of it.

Communication plan

To operationally support the brand strategy, VP Strat constructs and implements an annual action plan.

Brand positioning

Mission: support the international growth of a strategy consulting firm by constructing a global communication plan


🚀 Communication and perception study

🧬 Annual communication plan

🤖 Video, Social Media, Events, Public & Media Relations

Brand and messages overhaul

Mission: Reposition the brand of a preparatory class for prestigious business schools


🚀 Perception study

🧬 Content overhaul

🤖 Creation of a new brand and commercial brochures

Annual action plan

To operationally support the brand strategy, VP Strat establishes and implements annual action plans which may include: