Digital Studio & Influence

VP Strat combines a strategical approach with the expertise of all social media

to enable clients to meet their strategic objectives.

Digital Strategy

VP Strat supports its clients in the definition of efficient digital strategies to sustain their growth.

Digital Studio

To create distinctive contents and generate the best social media engagement, our team is composed of creatives, web 3.0 and social networks experts.


Creation of your website with a specific focus on UX Writing, User eXperience, development, SEO/SEA optimization, and publication.

Social Ads & Search Engine Ads

Thanks to our experts, our clients are provided with market analysis and related key-words, audience targeting and digital campaign management.

Website & Contents

Business case: UX design and website contents overhaul. Improve back-office experience under specific needs


🚀 Improve UX design

🧬 Enhance the corporate identity & the employer branding

🤖 Back-office simplification under specific needs

Digital marketing

Business case: Communication to support new product launch and address specific targets: auditors


🚀 Script and creative research

🧬 Drafting marketing contents

🤖 Production/Direction of motion design

Search Engine Advertising

Business case: Improve leads on a targeted region


🚀 Ads strategy and management

🧬 Campaigns creation

🤖 Management/Regular optimization

Video creation